Court Is The Last Place Cubs Need To Be

rickettsThursday’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) At Wrigley Field, the Cubs played 13 innings against the New York Yankees on Wednesday afternoon.

That’s a long time, but it may be nothing when compared to what Chicagoans could be forced to endure if the Cubs’ bitterly contested battle against the rooftop owners ends up going to court.

Because that’s a game that won’t end any time soon – and just like against the Yankees, the Cubs could easily lose it, too.

This morning in a video posted on his team’s website, Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts unveiled his latest proposal to finally get the Wrigley Field renovations underway while basically daring the rooftop owners to sue him. In response, the rooftop owners said they’ll do just that.

“Unfortunately, this decision by the Ricketts family will now result in this matter being resolved in a court of law,” said Ryan McLaughlin, spokesman for the Wrigleyville Rooftops Association.

And that truly is unfortunate. Because anyone who thinks that a trip to court will help expedite a resolution to the endless war between the Cubs and the rooftops doesn’t know much about court.

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