Is Derrick Rose Still No. 1 In Your Thoughts?

Chicago Bulls v Golden State Warriors

My April 15 column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) At this time last year, when he was suiting up in Armani instead of an NBA uniform, Derrick Rose was Public Enemy No. 1 in the eyes of many Chicago hoops fans. But this season, as the Bulls prepare for their latest playoff run without him, he’s isn’t even part of the conversation.

And that leaves me wondering: Just how much is Rose – probably still Chicago’s biggest sports name – even a part of Chicago’s sports consciousness at this point?

As a Bulls fan, do you think about him on a daily basis? Are you still counting on his triumphant return and expecting him to again be a superstar? Or in your mind, is Derrick Rose simply a part of this city’s basketball past until he’s actually a part of this city’s basketball present?

Sadly, for me, I’d have to say it’s the latter.

It doesn’t feel right to say something so dismissive about someone who’s meant so much to Chicago – and who absolutely still could yet again. However, when it comes to Rose, dismissing thoughts of him also seems like the only sensible approach right now.

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