Chicago Has Truly Become A Blackhawks Town

CupToday’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) If I was a decade younger – heck, half a decade younger – I might still be out on Clark Street this morning. Hopefully, not lying in a gutter.

But while my 37-year-old self didn’t crowd surf on any metal barricades, fire off any fireworks or tick off any mounted police, I did still hustle from my place over to Wrigley Field last night to soak in the revelry at the de facto Madhouse on (M)Addison following the Blackhawks’ stunning Stanley Cup championship victory.

And this I know: there were more Blackhawks sweaters and T-shirts being worn at the corner of Clark and Addison than the number that even existed in the entire city four years ago.

And this I know, as well: The Blackhawks now own Chicago. Truly they do.

Earlier this month, I wrote in my weekly Wisch List newspaper column about how during wintertime, Chicago is undoubtedly a Bears town. During summertime, it’s always been a baseball town. And during Michael Jordan’s time, it was a Bulls town.

But during this current time in June 2013, it’s become a Blackhawks town more than anything else. And that really is something.

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