Spreading The Sports Love (And Hate) On Valentine’s Day

Thursday’s column from CBSChicago.com

(CBS) It’s the city of Love (Bob) and the city of Roses (Derrick & Family). It’s the city of heart taps (Sammy’s) and the city of kisses (Sammy’s … again). It’s the city of passions (ever seen Cubs fans?) and the city of swoons (ever seen the Cubs?).

And here on Valentine’s Day, Chicago is the city whose sports teams we still hold dear – even when they play like they’re frozen in headlights. So, in lieu of a Hallmark card for Feb. 14, I’m going to provide Chicago – and the Land of Lincoln – with a list of a few of the things that I currently love about our local sports scene.

But, hey, I’d hardly be a Windy City sports writer if I didn’t also crack open a bottle of whine and tell you what I currently hate as well, right? And, with that, it’s on with the ode.

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