Why Baseball’s Hall of Fame Needs Its Own ‘Death Penalty’

Thursday’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) With a slew of all-time greats in their first year of eligibility for Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame, the summer of 2013 should be a banner one for Cooperstown.

But, because of steroids, it won’t be. And if I had my way, the summer of 2013 wouldn’t even exist in Cooperstown. At all.

This week, in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal and shameful cover-up, Penn State avoided the “death penalty” of having its storied football program shut down for a full season. But baseball’s Hall of Fame shouldn’t avoid that fate.

In fact, as a nod to the integrity of our national pastime – or what’s left of it, at least – when HOF ballots are distributed to writers this November, I’d like to see them impose a one-year ban on all inductions.

Now let me explain why.

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