Wisch Lists are for New Years

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By Dave Wischnowsky

Wish lists are for Christmas.

But Wisch Lists? Well, just like every year, they’re for New Years.

Although, this new year, I’m a week late with my own after spending the waning days of 2015 out in New York City (to celebrate Christmas with my wife’s family) and then down in Charleston, S.C. (to ring in 2016 in the Low Country, where the calories are anything but).

During our trip, the temperatures barely dipped below 50 – and in Charleston even pushed 80 – before we returned home to Chicago, where we received greeted rudely by Old Man Winter who had finally arrived back in Illinois following his own December vacation.

Anybody want to chip in to send him back on a trip far away?

But now, as I get fully settled in to 2016, I’d like to tell you what I hope happens during it.

I Wisch the Chicago Bears the best this season … wait, it’s already over? When did it start?

I Wisch that I didn’t have to say that I’ve never been less interested in a Bears team than this one.

I Wisch that I didn’t also have to say the same thing about Illini basketball.

I Wisch Illinois Speaker of the House Mike Madigan would retire. Forty-three years of watching the same story unfold down in Springfield is about 40 years too long.

I Wisch the City of Big Shoulders didn’t need them just to burden the tax load. On that note, might as well call Illinois the State of Big Shoulders too.

I Wisch that every Cubs baseball season could be as much fun as 2015 was. Crazy thing is, with the franchise’s plethora of young talent, they actually might be over the next several years.

I Wisch the Cubs still had another stud arm in their starting rotation and at least one more for the bullpen. If the Lovable Losers are to actually finally win it all this October, I think they’ll likely still need to add those. Don’t be surprised if Theo & Co. do.

I Wisch every airport was as customer-friendly as Charlotte Douglas. The restrooms featured cheery attendants. The concourses were bright and wide with loads of creature comforts. And signage indicated walking times from one location to another. I was southern charmed.

I Wisch Mike Thomas had never set foot in Champaign.

I Wisch Tim Beckman had never set foot outside of Toledo.

I Wisch John Groce was indeed the basketball coach that he looked like he might be after his first year in Champaign. Instead, he looks every part the basketball coach who went only 34-30 in the MAC.

I Wisch Illinois athletics could become relevant again. But I remain hopeful that with a smart hire for athletic director, it can.

I Wisch you’d watch Netflix’s stellar documentary “Making a Murderer.”

I Wisch it didn’t make me so frustrated and depressed.

I Wisch I got to see my two nephews down in St. Louis more often. But thank goodness for FaceTime and the miracles of modern technology.

I Wisch gang-related shootings in Chicago were met with the same public outrage as police-involved shootings.

I Wisch Chicago had offered a truly good mayoral alternative to Rahm Emanuel. (Chuy Garcia was not that.)

I Wisch Derrick Rose could have stayed healthy. At this point, though, I’m as weary of him as he is of his body.

I Wisch I didn’t feel that our presidential elections have morphed into reality television-like popularity contests, and were actually about electing the best person to truly lead this country.

I Wisch my wonderful wife Debbie a Happy New Year.

I Wisch pitchers and catchers reported yesterday.