It’s Time To Let Tim Beckman Go

Today’s column from CBS Chicago

Tim Beckman(CBS) At the University of Illinois, he was never the right fit.

But now, with a 1-17 Big Ten record after Illinois’ humiliating 38-27 home loss to lowly Purdue on Saturday, it’s painfully clear that Tim Beckman and major college football go together about as well as a right-handed glove on somebody’s left foot.

Beckman’s program is just all thumbs, and the time has come for Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas to mercifully give his in-over-his-head football coach the boot. The news on Sunday that quarterback Wes Lunt will now be out four to six weeks with a leg fracture shouldn’t be used as some kind of crutch.

After all, the program was already limping badly even with him behind center.

Two years ago, just four games into Tim Beckman’s career at Illinois, I wrote the following words: “While being outscored 97-38 by Arizona State and Louisiana Tech, Beckman has shown himself to be overmatched, outwitted and unprepared.

“I wish I felt like I was being too harsh with those statements. And I wish that I felt brighter days were on the horizon for Beckman & Co. Maybe I am and maybe they are, but unfortunately I really just don’t think so.”

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