With Wrigley Signs, City Must Avoid Being ‘Trumped’

trump-signFriday’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) It’s been called a “wart.” It’s been called a “desecration.” And it’s been called as “subtle as Godzilla.”

And those actually are probably some of the kinder things that people have been saying about the gaudy new “TRUMP” sign that now mars not only the façade of its handsome 96-story namesake tower, but also the entire treasured cityscape along the Chicago River.

With Mayor Rahm Emanuel and billionaire Donald Trump preparing to possibly butt egos over the issue, you know that the controversy over the Trump Tower sign has gotten big.
But up at Wrigley Field, could the uproar actually be a sign of things to come?

After all, enormous signs at the Friendly Confines threaten to blight another of the city’s most precious visual treasures – and much like Trump, we might not realize just how badly Wrigley’s beauty will be impacted until it’s too late.

With the backlash over the Trump sign hitting a fever pitch this week, Mayor Rahm Emanuel reportedly “thinks the sign is awful,” according to a city spokesman, who has told the media that the mayor is exploring the city’s options to remove it.

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