Groce’s Leadership A Bright Spot in Dark Illini Saga

Illinois v WisconsinToday’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) The T-shirts lie.

Basketball isn’t life. Not even when your life is basketball.

And in light of the season-long suspension of Illini sophomore basketball player Darius Paul that was announced Tuesday and saw details emerge Wednesday, the University of Illinois is fortunate to have a hoops coach in John Groce who apparently understands that.

Because it’s refreshing to know that some schools are actually still in the teaching business in an era in which college athletes can sully a school’s reputation even while winning a Heisman Trophy (Florida State’s Jameis Winston) and get arrested for shoplifting, be suspended from a team, be sentenced to community service, complete community service and be reinstated to said team all in the span of just five days (again, Jameis Winston).

Even when it comes to their high-profile athletes.

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