What Will Illini Hoops Transfers Bring in 2014-15?

Indiana v IllinoisSaturday’s column from CBS Chicago …

(CBS) Separated by 140 miles, four counties and countless cornfields, State Farm Center down in Champaign and Wrigley Field up in Chicago wouldn’t seem to have a whole lot in common.

But here in 2014, you can expect to hear, “Wait ’til Next Year” at both venues. In fact, at State Farm Center, where the Illini basketball team is currently caught up in an overall eight-game losing streak, many fans are saying it right now.

Earlier this week on Twitter, @Frustrated_Fan – a fitting handle for any Illini supporter these days – wrote to me about Illinois, saying that, “The rest of this season, they’re the Cubs. The guys who aren’t on the team yet are more intriguing than the ones who are.”

That interesting observation arose during a discussion about the transfers currently sitting out this season for John Groce’s Illini and just how much the trio of Aaron Cosby, Ahmad Starks and Darius Paul might help the offensively challenged squad in 2014-15.

So, how much will those three help?

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