How The Cubs Can Repair Their Mascot Mess

Clark2My Jan. 17 column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) When it comes to using the playbook for “How To Introduce a Mascot,” the Chicago Cubs hardly could have dropped the ball much worse this week.

I think even Steve Bartman would agree about that.

But in spite of a fallout from Clark the Cub’s radioactive debut that’s gone on to reach Chernobyl levels, there are some ways that the franchise can repair at least some of the mascot’s damage – and save some face – heading into this weekend’s Cubs Convention.

Here’s how:

Tip No. 1: Re-brand Clark as a ‘Kids Mascot’

Prior to Monday afternoon, the Cubs were one of just four Major League Baseball franchises along with the Yankees, Dodgers and Angels to not have a mascot. As points of pride go, that’s not much of one, nor is it even one that’s easy to understand.

But it was something of a point of pride nonetheless.

And a true Cubs fan – like, say, Tom Ricketts? – should have known that.