NFL Is Already Dumb For Its Cold-Weather Super Bowl

snowMy Jan. 3 column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) “Bear Weather” is bull.

And if anyone says that they truly love attending football games played in bitterly cold temps, well, I’d say that’s a bunch of hogwash, too.

You might tolerate such weather. You may even embrace it (for a quarter). But to say that you love wearing six layers of clothes and five pairs of socks just to watch a football game held outdoors in four-degree weather?

C’mon. No you don’t.

Now, I love attending sports events in person. But I hate freezing during them. That goes for Bears games in late December and Cubs games in early April. I’m willing to suck it up and certainly have in the past, but it’s simply no true fun attending a ballgame that has you waiting for it to end more than it has you actually enjoying the experience.

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