Chicago Fans Deserve Thomas-Maddux HOF Induction

sammy-3My Jan. 7 column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) I grew up in Bourbonnais, which at 55 miles is far enough away from Chicago to not really be considered suburbia, yet close enough to the city’s southern border that you might think that it was White Sox Country.

It wasn’t.

No, just like most of Illinois north of Interstate 70, Kankakee County when I was growing up during the 1980s was predominately Chicago Cubs turf. So much so that when I was 13 years old during the summer of 1989, I can recall a discussion with my Pony League teammates about our favorite baseball teams. To a man, everyone said the Cubs except for one kid, who was embarrassed to admit that he instead rooted for the White Sox.

“I know they suck, but …” I can still remember him saying.

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