It’s Time For The NFL To Ban Hazing

Today’s column from CBS Chicago

incognito(CBS) Back during the summer of 2005, I started work as a rookie Metro reporter at the Chicago Tribune. And about a month into my tenure, I was hazed.

No, not in the ways you might imagine. I wasn’t duct taped to a buttress atop the Tribune Tower. My head wasn’t shaved by WGN into a Bozo haircut. And I wasn’t ordered to pick up the tab for some veteran reporter’s dinner at Charlie Trotter’s.

As if I could have even afforded an appetizer at the joint.

However, on a slow weekday afternoon in early August, a notoriously mercurial news editor did indeed march up to my desk at the Tribune Tower and order me to hightail it up to North Avenue Beach.

“There’s been a report of a shark sighting,” she barked.

“A shark sighting?” I said in a voice as dry as beach sand.

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