Fenway & Wrigley – A Tale Of Two Renovations

fenway1Wednesday’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) Last year, Fenway Park celebrated its 100th birthday. Come next year, Wrigley Field will do the same.

In Boston, Fenway capped its century mark with the completion of a 10-year, $285 million renovation of the majors’ oldest ballpark. Soon, a $500 million overhaul is set to begin at the Second City’s second oldest one. And last week, my wife and I visited both baseball icons during our “mini-moon” in Chicago and Boston following our wedding on Aug. 10.

In between hot dogs, drinks and pitches, I spent some time pondering what was at Fenway, what is now and what could be at Wrigley. And much like Boston is not Chicago and Chicago is not Boston – despite both being fantastic cities – it’s important to first note that Fenway is not Wrigley and Wrigley is not Fenway, despite both being fantastic ballparks.

However, as the Cubs prepare their plans to make over the “Friendly Confines,” the franchise would be wise to follow some of the steps that the Red Sox took to both preserve and transform “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.”

But not all of them.

The following are five of my thoughts about Fenway’s finished renovations in relation to Wrigley’s upcoming, which hopefully will one day help turn the Cubs into what the Red Sox have already become: World Champions.

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