Forfeits Could Be The Solution To MLB’s PED Problems

Milwaukee Brewers v Miami MarlinsThursday’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) There hasn’t been a forfeit in Major League Baseball since 1995.

But maybe there should be more of them in the future.

A lot more, if that’s what it takes to actually rid baseball of the PED problems that continue to plague the sport and cast suspicion on every guy that puts on a big league uniform and actually fares well while wearing it.

No matter if he’s squeaky clean, or as dirty as a grass stain.

Earlier this week, in the wake of Ryan Braun’s season-ending suspension for violations of the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, I received a message from my buddy Josh that read, “Players aren’t going to quit taking PEDs until getting caught punishes teams and teammates.”

As someone who’s already pushed for MLB to be much harder on PED offenders – to the point of even suggesting a zero-tolerance policy resulting in a lifetime suspension for a single failed test – I found Josh’s thoughts about forfeits to be intriguing. And I’d be on board with MLB taking steps to adopt such a measure.

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