City Needs To Plan For A Cubs Title Celebration – No, Really

HawksMy June 27 column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) Sitting 15 games out of first place, the Chicago Cubs couldn’t be much further from a world championship right now if they were, well, living on a different planet.

But some day – if we’re to believe Tom “We will win a World Series for our fans and our city” Ricketts – those Lovable Losers will morph into wonderful winners. And, in turn, Chicago will unleash more than a century of pent-up frustration in a championship celebration so raucous that it will likely make this week’s Blackhawks revelry look like an ice cream social.

If that long-awaited championship ever does happen, here’s to hoping that the mayor’s office and the Chicago Police Department are better prepared for the ensuing rowdiness than it was on Monday night after Hawks won the Stanley Cup. Because, really, property owners in Lakeview and Lincoln Park are going to need them to be.

I’ve said for years that if the Cubs ever do win (or even reach) the World Series, the city is probably going to need to set up a “demilitarized zone” around Wrigley Field that stretches north-south from Montrose to Fullerton and east-west from Damen to the lakeshore.

And even that might not be enough to contain the madness.

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