Big Ten, ACC Set To Battle Over The Big Apple

Saturday’s column from CBS Chicago

delany(CBS) It’s said that Chicago is pro sports town, and it is.

But it’s also home to hundreds of thousands of passionate Big Ten alumni – not to mention all those Notre Dame grads and fans – which very much makes the Windy City a stronghold for college sports lovers, as well.

New York City, on the other hand, is indeed a pro sports town.

Colleges need not apply.

At least, that’s always been the belief – and in large part, the reality – when it comes to sports passions in the Big Apple. But don’t tell that to the Big Ten and the ACC, which both are looking to plant their flag in NYC and convince the 8 million pairs of eyeballs in its boroughs to tune them in.

So, can New York actually be turned into a college town? Well, that’s a huge question mark. But considering the potential upside, why shouldn’t the Big Ten and ACC give it the old college try?

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