By Drafting Bryant, Cubs Box In Castro

Saturday’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) The Cubs still need great pitching.

But in the first round of Thursday’s MLB Draft, the team instead got a potentially great third baseman in San Diego slugger Kris Bryant.

And that could be great. But, as the Chicago Sun-Times’ Gordon Wittenmeyer wrote on Friday it’s “a move that might suggest the timeline on the Cubs’ rebuilding is getting moved back again (as) the Cubs passed on the top power pitcher in the draft Thursday to use their No. 2 overall pick on Bryant, a power-hitting third baseman who answers a top everyday need but does nothing for the organization’s top need: pitching.”

And no, it certainly doesn’t. But that’s a topic for another day.

What I’m instead wondering today is what Bryant’s presence might mean for Starlin Castro’s future. Because from my view, the arrival of a stud third base prospect very much could impact the fate of the Cubs’ 23-year-old shortstop – and not just because he might stand next to him on the field.

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