Why No Rose Could Be A Blessing For The Bulls

Today’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) On Wednesday morning, I spotted a guy walking through the West Loop proudly wearing a bright red Chicago Bulls T-shirt. On the backside, it also proudly bore both Derrick Rose’s name and jersey number.

So, hey, at least somebody in the city still likes the guy.

I kid … Well, sort of.

With Derrick Rose continuing to don a suit instead of a uniform, many Bulls fans in Chicago remain highly critical of the former MVP for sitting out the playoffs in May even though team doctors gave his surgically repaired knee the green light for game action way back in March.

On that topic, however, former Bull and current ESPN analyst Jay Williams told Washington Post columnist Mike Wise this week, “From a player that was in his position about nine years ago, I’m not trying to come back off a damn ACL and go against LeBron every night. Not my first game back. It’s a lose-lose scenario for me. You need to work out the kinks before then.”

Indeed you do. And as I wrote this past weekend, if there ever was a time for Rose to play this season, it certainly isn’t now in the boiling heat of battle with the Miami Heat. Nevertheless, on social media I continue to see fans calling for Rose’s return in Game 3 at the United Center on Friday.

Like Jay Williams, that thought makes zero sense to me.

But I also happen to think this: Playing without Derrick Rose in the playoffs could actually be a very good thing for the Bulls in the long run.

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