Why Doesn’t Chicago Love ‘Chicagoan’ Dwyane Wade?

Today’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) Contrary to the popular belief in Chicago, Dwyane Wade does do more than just whine about the refs.

He whines about his hometown, too.

Back on March 26, the Miami Heat star complained to Orlando Sun-Sentinel writer Shandel Richardson about how the Windy City doesn’t love him like it should – apparently, because he’s a suburban guy.

Because, you know, that has to be it.

“It’s always been a knock on guys who played in the suburbs,” said Wade, who was born on Chicago’s South Side but played his high school ball at Richards in south suburban Oak Lawn. “You didn’t get as much attention because they think it’s not as tough or whatever the case may be.

“I think I represent the city. Guys are proud of that, but it’s something different between guys that go to school in the city and the suburbs.”

Bearing the headline “Wade’s success doesn’t seem to impress hometown Chicago” along with the subhead “Playing high school ball in suburbs might have kept Wade off Chicago’s radar,” the Sun-Sentinel story argued that if Wade wins his third NBA championship ring this season then he should be considered the greatest player to ever come out of the city.

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