Is Derrick Rose Happy? Bulls Can’t Take That For Granted

Today’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) Chicago is filled with all sorts of civic treasures.

Down south, there’s the Museum of Science & Industry. Up north, there’s Wrigley Field. To the east, there’s Navy Pier. And over on the West Side?

Well, there’s Derrick Rose, of course.

With foundations buried deep in the Chicago tundra (or moored beneath Lake Michigan in the case of Navy Pier), most of our local gems aren’t going anywhere as long as we maintain them. However, I do have to say that I’m starting to worry about the long-term stability of D-Rose.

No, not because of his knee. That should be fine as long as the Bulls – and Bulls fans – are patient with their superstar’s recovery. Rather, what I’m more concerned about regarding Chicago’s favorite son is whether he’s truly happy playing basketball for his hometown team – and if he will remain content enough to stick around the Windy City for his entire career.

Because it seems all of Chicago pretty much just assumes that he will.

But like a sunny day in February, Derrick Rose isn’t something that Chicago should ever take for granted. Because, no matter his birthplace, the Bulls still need to do all they can to ensure that home is indeed where Rose’s heart is, lest they – and the city’s hoops fans – potentially suffer the consequences.

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