Retire Sosa’s Number? I Think We Can Retire That Thought

Today’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) When it comes to Sammy Sosa’s future, AOL Fanhouse columnist Lisa Olson has a bold prediction.

“Within a few years,” she wrote in a column published on Thursday, “the Cubs will hoist [Sammy] Sosa’s No. 21 up a foul pole at Wrigley Field, a pinstriped flag that will fly alongside Ernie Banks and Ron Santo and all the other greats. Waves of ovations will bring Sosa to tears, remind him of all the many times when Cubs fans loved him unconditionally. He’s never really stopped craving it.”

Oh, I’m sure Sammy hasn’t. But Sosa’s need for affection happens to be the only part of Olson’s prediction that I find logical. In regards to the rest of it, well, I think she’s using a cracked crystal ball.

Or perhaps her fortuneteller is on PEDs.

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