Cutler’s Record Against Top Competition Isn’t Good Either

Tuesday’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) In Chicago, the heat is cranking up on Lovie Smith, Jay Cutler and the rest of the Bad News Bears. But even as the team’s championship hopes fade away, support for the embattled coach and quarterback hasn’t cooled among some members of the fan base.

Last week I took a look at Smith’s career regular-season record against winning teams (it was an ugly 19-38 in nine years) and then placed it beside Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy’s career mark (a solid 21-25 in seven years). Naturally, I heard from a reader who took issue with those numbers.

“This isn’t a fair comparison,” the reader said. “McCarthy has enjoyed stability at the QB position throughout his coaching career. Lovie Smith has not had that luxury. This is a passing league and a coach looks good if he has the QB. A fair comparison would be what is Lovie’s record with Cutler. Clearly, nobody can deny it has been stellar.”

That’s a fair enough request. However, I’m sorry to break it to the reader – and anyone else on board the Lovie and Jay bandwagon – but I am going to have to deny that Smith’s record with Cutler has been stellar. Because, the truth is, it really has not.

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