Would Fans Want Sammy Sosa Back At Wrigley?

Thursday’s CBS Chicago column …

(CBS) It’s almost 4,000 miles from Wrigley Field to Piccadilly Circle, but this morning, via email, I asked my transplanted Cubs fan buddy currently living across the pond in London if he would like to see Sammy Sosa make a return to Wrigley Field.

My friend’s answer was “No,” before adding, “But I don’t know if I want to return to Wrigley Field!”

I laughed when reading that. But with the Cubs closing in on 100 losses and next year’s team looking to be just as bad – honestly, who’s going to pitch? – I can’t blame my friend. Heck, I live just six blocks from Wrigley, and I’m not itching to get back inside the ballpark any time soon myself.

In the case of Sosa, however, whatever cabana it is that he’s lounging at these days – while probably sipping a cool drink and treating his skin with who knows what – it’s surely a much shorter trip up to Wrigley Field than it is from London.

But, like my friend, I don’t want to see Sosa make his return, either.

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