The Truth About Illinois Football

Today’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) Every so often on the campus of the University of Illinois, seemingly no matter the coach or the era, you’ll see T-shirts pop up bearing the slogan, “Champaign: A Drinking Town with a Football Problem.”

Sadly enough for Illini fans, that adage, as tongue in cheek as it may be, does ring true for what’s by far the most underachieving program in the Big Ten. And for anyone who watched Louisiana Tech humiliate Illinois – and first-year football coach Tim Beckman – 52-24 on Saturday night at Memorial Stadium, it’s crystal clear that right now Illinois indeed has a problem.

But the truth is, it goes well beyond football.

And this deeper dilemma affecting U. of I. athletics is so discouraging that after reading this column, you very well may be driven to drink yourself.

If so, remember to tweet responsibly.

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