For Cubs, Castro’s Deal Makes Dollars – And Sense

Today’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) He can be a knucklehead on the basepaths, his glove isn’t exactly a golden one and he’s never met a pitch that he didn’t like.

OK, love.

But, despite the chinks in his armor, Starlin Castro’s impending seven-year, $60 million contract extension not only makes a lot of dollars for the 22-year-old shortstop, for the Chicago Cubs, it also makes a ton of sense.

Now, not everyone will agree, as a sizable head count in Chicago baseball circles can be found this week grousing about Castro’s repeated brain cramps, his lack of concentration and a batting average that has has taken a nose dive of late. The critics will tell you that Starling hasn’t yet deserved to become “Cash-tro” with such a lengthy extension.

But don’t listen to them.

Because, this deal for Castro – which is expected to be finalized within the next week, or so – isn’t about who the kid in the Cubs’ middle is right now. Rather, it’s about who the team thinks he’s going to be. But, the beauty of Castro’s extension is that even if he doesn’t blossom into the perennial All-Star and potential MVP-caliber-type of player that many believe he will become, the deal is still a savvy one for the Cubs.

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