Chicago Should Bid For 2024 Games, If Only For ‘L’ Of It

Tuesday’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) Yes, it would have cost a pretty penny. Yes, its construction would have provoked a pileup of headaches. And, yes, it would have surely come with its share of corruption and graft.

This is Chicago, after all.

But in spite of all the cons involved in hosting an Olympics in your city, I still wish the Summer Games were coming to ours four years from now. The 2016 Olympics would have been exciting. They would have been fascinating. They would have been fun.

And you can go ahead and call me naïve, but I’m not convinced that they would have also had to be the massive civic albatross that naysayers painted them as.

After all, London seemed to do the Games right, so why couldn’t Chicago pull off the same? In fact, in at least one “L” of a way the Olympics could have greatly helped the future of our city.

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