Credit The Cubs For Bringing Ozzie Back To Life

Today’s column from CBS Chicago

(CBS) Ozzie Guillen isn’t just back in Chicago this week.

It appears that the former White Sox manager is also back.

Back to being controversial. Back to being outlandish. Back to, well, being himself.

And, for that, Ozzie can thank the Chicago Cubs.

(Although, I wouldn’t exactly count on him doing that.)

Ever since April when Guillen blew fuses across South Florida with his “I love Fidel Castro” comment, the Miami Sound Machine has been uncharacteristically silent. He apologized for offending people across the map. He deactivated his ridiculous Twitter account. And he (for the most part) kept his more outrageous thoughts to himself.

But none of us believed that would last.

This is Ozzie Guillen, after all.

And wouldn’t you know it, but after three months of relative silence, all it took was an impending series against the Cubs to transform Ozzie back into the Mouth of South Beach.

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