The end of the World Wide Wait

It took almost two hours and a dozen trips up and down (and up and down) the stairs from my apartment to my building’s alley, storage room and, finally, laundry room — where the cable guy was forced to pop his head through a dusty ceiling panel — but the faulty wire connection that left me with no home Internet or cable for nearly two weeks has been fixed.

Turns out, a Comcast worker likely switched me off while switching someone else on.

At least, that’s what my RCN cable guy thinks.

Maybe I should send Comcast this month’s bill.

Whatever the case, I’m just glad to be plugged back in and turned back on.

And with the flip of that switch, the Wisch List should be returning with new non-tech-nightmare blog entries soon.

That is unless my new iPhone goes on the fritz.

(Let’s hope not.)

Cross your fingers for me, and stay tuned …